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Jewelry Jenga

Join Curvy Market Resale on our Facebook page for a
fun live jewelry show where everyone wins! 

Jewelry Jenga is our interactive way to get you accessorized and looking "dressed up" without spending a lot of money!   Or, a great way to buy gifts! Our schedule is posted on our Facebook page weekly, so be sure to check when the next show is!  Click the button below to pre-purchase your game blocks and be one of the first in line to win! (You can purchase during the show!)

How it works:
Purchase your game blocks.  During the live, we pull one game block at a time from the game stack and you get the pre-numbered bag with 4 pieces of jewelry from specified categories (i.e.  long necklace, cuff bracelet, bangles, etc.).  If the number is not up there, we pull until we find one (thus causing a shaky tower of blocks!)

We then reveal the contents of your bag on LIVE video, including any special additional surprises that may be found in the bag, like additional jewelry, merchandise, or gift cards to spend with us in the future!

*New:  You will now get the chance to "pass" and receive a visual set on display, or keep your bag!

And if the stacked blocks fall while we are playing your pull, you get $5 off a future purchase!


We currently only sell 50 game blocks in a showing!

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