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Fourth day of Christmas

"Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. How lovely are thy branches?" I love nature. If you ever need a breath of fresh air, take a nice walk. It does something for the soul. If you ever need to reconnect with yourself, ground yourself, go on a hike. When I say hike, I don't mean Mount Everest. I mean a simple walk in the woods, surrounded by the canopy of thousands of limbs reaching to cover you, as if God's arms are stretching forth towards your soul.

I love seasons. Especially fall. The changing leaves, the reminder that no matter how bare life can look at times, a new season is coming. There are those who do not care for the look of fall, the disappointing views of the trees without leaves, the lack of color and adornment.

Imagine a Christmas tree without lights and adornments.

That's what jewelry can be like for an outfit. Jewelry can add that color, that adornment, that final touch to complete a look. Jewelry can turn a favorite shirt to a fabulous shirt. It can turn a drab look to a must-have look, and it can complete an outfit with confidence. Jewelry doesn't have to be loud, big, bold. Jewelry can be a family heirloom that reminds you of your history each time you touch it, or a significant piece your significant other gave you. And it doesn't have to be worn every day. When you want a different look, you can use the go-to of jewelry. Jewelry also makes a great gift! At Curvy Market, we have a variety of jewelry for all sizes! We are a great go-to for stocking stuffers and trinket gifts, for the holidays and all special occasions. We like adding jewelry to our outfits in our lives and even playing jewelry games like Jewelry Jenga. Therefore, on the fourth day of Christmas, we are giving away a Surprise Grab Bag of Jewelry! With at least 4 pieces of jewelry, it makes a great gift for yourself or for others! These retail in our store for $25. Here's how you win one for yourself: 1. Go to the Fourth day of Christmas post on our Facebook business page, Curvy Market Resale.

2. You must LIKE/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Comment Oh, Christmas Tree so we know you have shared!

You have until midnight to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn the following day.

An adult grab bag filled with jewelry!

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