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From drab to fab

My sister Apryl (A') is a talented cosmetologist. Her skillset also includes fashion, makeup, decorating abilities. You know, the creative side, the florals-with-polka-dots-with-stripes and it looks like Southern Living kind of creative. All the skills I do not possess. I am the bookworm, the reader, the black-or-white-no-grey gal. I can summon the inner creative IF I have an example to follow, but I do not posses that quality on its own. Any home I have resided, any business I have worked - A' was responsible for the beauty of it. Her skills, her talents, and her creativity have always shown in the places I call home. So...therefore...I must credit where credit is due. I learned the following tricks from her - how to accessorize. The time it takes for me to do it is all me - because I have no time to waste! She has repeatedly given me the same compliment over the years, and it is one that humbles me and one that I can embrace. She says, "Chris, you can go from Drab to Fab quicker than any person I know!" Yes. Yes, I can. I've got mad skills...and I am I going to share them. I do have an advantage over several - my naturally curly hair. If you have hair like mine, you know exactly of what I speak. Because it already looks crazy, you can pull off some crazy styles in a flash, and people say, "You have great hair." Thanks. It controls us; we don't control it.




It's easy: Accessories. Jackets, scarves, vests, cardigans. Those are accessories. Necklaces, rings, earrings. These are as well. Hats, gloves, handbags. These too complete an outfit. For me, I would say I am middle of the road on accessories. I wear jewelry, which changes the look of the outfit, but I am not over the top on most occasions. (I DO have a cute over-the-top pic where accessories dominated!) Here's the deal. I am not a priss-pot. I like to look like I own a room while really doing just enough to get by to give that impression. I do not give myself hours to get ready, but typically wake with just enough time to complete the basics - shower, dress, brush teeth, and go out the door. I put my makeup on in the car (unless you are an officer of the law, and if so, I wear my seatbelt and do not allow other things to distract me....unless you are a single, very attractive officer of the law, and if so, I may need to be pulled over to meet you). So these simple tricks I will share below can help you if you need to make an impression with less time and thought. *disclaimer: my hair had been straightened yesterday, so these pics negates the curly-hair-rocks statement I made earlier, Just go with it and imagine the wild curls! 1. First, I throw on a dress. In this case, a cute maxi. It's a thoughtless outfit, as its simply one piece.

2. Some people don't love their arms showing. That's ok. You have options. For me, I don't mind them showing, but it's cool today, so a jacket for the win!

3. And to finish it off, I quickly grabbed a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings. Instant fab!

*Note: I learned years ago if you can see someone's earrings from across the room, it makes the face appear slimmer. You may find me without shoes but you will rarely find me without earrings!

Listen. We all live the curvy life. This includes the days we are short on time, or the lifestyle we live that we give our time elsewhere. My time getting ready is short, because I have better things to do, so I make the most of what time I give and use my available resources to give the facade I took longer than I did. If a jacket, necklace, and earrings gives that impression, I throw them on and I am out the door! A' is right. I can go from drag to fab quickly. It's a skill I am proud of, and I put my reserved minutes elsewhere!

Am I trying to get you to dress up? Heck no. Am I sharing my skills that makes me appear put together? Heck yes. Tips and Tricks from the F Word girl! xoxo Chris

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