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I am the F word

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I am the F word. My name is Chris, and I live the curvy life. I am fluffy, full-figured, fat. I am also in my forties. I am surrounded by F's. I embody the letter F and live my life as if I own the F. I am the F word. Don't try to talk me out of owning it. No need for sympathetic looks or awkward redirecting of conversation. There's no reason to avoid talking about it. It's my F. My own personal, I-own-it-every-day F. It's the capital F, the flashing F, the flickering neon sign F. I am the F word. It's the F that rocks all F's, the F that shines, the F that makes me so spectacular. It's the F that turns women into goddesses and friends into sisters. I am the F word. Fabulous. Fierce. Friendly. Fun. Fantastic. Faithful. Fancy. Fair. Fascinating. Fashionable. Far-reaching. Favorable. Forgiving. Favored. Fruitful. Frugal. Funny. Forgiven. Fervent. Festive. Flirtatious. Flourishing. Fortunate. Foxy. Free. Fulfilled. Feminine. Yes. I am the F word. And so are you.

Living the Curvy Life - Chris Watch in full detail - with a few emotions - on being the F word!

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