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I get it from my Mama

Mother's Day is Sunday. I am a childless woman, so it sneaks up on me every single year. I am not childless by choice but by destiny. I wrote about it last year and to be honest, this year, I do not have it in me to say much more. What I will focus on, however, is what you got from your mama. Stay with me here, as I know some of you don't have a mama anymore, or your mama wasn't a very good one. Not every mom is equipped, and some moms, over-equipped. Those are the moms like mine, the over-equipped, who have 2 daughters and 432 surrogate children! (Spoken tongue-in-cheek). That simply means she loves beyond measure and will mother any person who needs it. That's her spirit about her, and those in her world know it. Mothers play so many roles in our lives, from the typical doctor-lawyer-taxi driver-chef-counselor-housekeeper-principal role to the best-friend-with-the-best-advice roles. The older we all get, the more beautiful the relationship becomes. Mothers are not necessary the ones who birthed us, either. It can be a best friend who treats you like a mother should, who gives advice, who loves you through your madness. My SC best friend Terri Tuck comes to mind when I say that. She was 13 years older than me and was my very best friend, but she also played a huge role in my life as a mother figure too. She passed away less than 2 years ago and I am waiting for the day that it will become easier. This week, I have had her on my mind a lot, not because of Mother's Day, but because I would give anything to have just one more conversation with her, to take one more long drive and cry it out. She loved me through my madness and directed me when I needed it. Gosh, do I miss her very soul. People like my mama, who loves every single person so much they become family, and people like Terri, who loved me like her family, are God's greatest gifts to the human race. I am ever so grateful for them both. So what did I get from my Mama? (By the way, I should interject, I call her Mother most of the time. She hates it, lol. She prefers Mama or Mom. She says I am too formal. And....that's why I do it! :-)) I got: Her loving spirit. Her kind heart. Her blonde hair, larger chest, and natural curls (though mine are curlier). I learned my respect for people from her, especially for older people. I got a Christian raising that introduced me to God and the church. What I did not get: Her skills for making the best dressing and potato salad! So tell me what you go from your mama! Whether it be from your birth mother or someone who mothered you, what did you learn from her? Did you learn your cooking skills, your crafting, being resourceful? Did you learn your parenting skills or get your IQ from her? Honor your mother or mother figure with us by sharing about her!

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