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On the 4th day of Christmas

When I say Charlie Brown Christmas tree - does the same image pop in your head of a tree, bare branches, looking poorly with only one ornament? It's cute for sure, but now think of the tree that lights New York's Times Square, and how glorious it it! That's how I feel about jewelry (with the right occasion, of course.) Imagine a Christmas tree without lights and adornments. Like the Charlie Brown tree (though the one below is more full than Charlie's).

Now imagine the same tree in all of it's glory!

That's what jewelry can be like for an outfit. Jewelry can add that color, that adornment, that final touch to complete a look. Jewelry can turn a favorite shirt to a fabulous shirt. It can turn a drab look to a must-have look, and it can complete an outfit with confidence. Jewelry doesn't have to be loud, big, bold. Jewelry can be a family heirloom that reminds you of your history each time you touch it, or a significant piece your significant other gave you. And it doesn't have to be worn every day. When you want a different look, you can use the go-to of jewelry. Jewelry also makes a great gift! At Curvy Market, we have a variety of jewelry for all sizes! We are a great go-to for stocking stuffers and trinket gifts, for the holidays and all special occasions.

Therefore, on the fourth day of Christmas, we are giving away a Surprise Grab Bag of Jewelry! With at least 5 pieces of jewelry, it makes a great gift for yourself or for others! That's a retail price of about $25. Here's how you win one for yourself: To be eligible to participate, you must

2. Find the post that is pinned at the top of the page for Day 4.

3. Comment on the post telling us about your favorite piece of jewelry that you love(d).

4. Share the post and tag some friends that you know would LOVE a grab bag too! One friend will also win a bag!

5. To be eligible to win, you must have LIKED our page before being chosen as the winner, and shared our post. We will double check these after your name is drawn and you may become ineligible if the requirements have not been satisfied.

Winner will be randomly drawn on Wednesday.

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