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On the 6th day of Christmas

They say good things come in small packages. I am on the fence about this, as one of my favorite all time gifts was an unexpected queen-size mattress, and it was NOT in a small package. I can think of several good things I have received over the years that were in small packages....keys to a scooter when I was younger, keys to my homes, and holding newborn babies of friends and family. Small gifts, good things. Of course, naturally we all think of jewelry. That's most always in a small package. And most always expensive. I can't help but wonder where that saying came from - good things come in small packages. Was it spurred by a woman who received a 2 carat diamond, or was someone thinking of the gift of the birth of a tiny baby so many years ago that was destined to save the world? It can be a difficult story to fathom. A virgin, carrying a baby who was to be the Savior. That's about as absurd as thinking one day we would all carry tiny computers in our pockets that could access copious amounts of information at the touch of our fingertips, in an instant. Let that sink in. In 1970, would you have ever thought we would have unlimited communications in our pocket? Yes, almost as absurd as the idea of a baby being born of a virgin who would be the one who gave us eternal life. If you don't know the story of the birth of Christ, I highly recommend you read it. Start in the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 2. You can access it very easily from the small device of communications in your pocket. Curvy Market specializes in plus size clothes, and lately, jewelry and purses. We have over 100 purses in stock, many designer, new with tag. For this 6th day of Christmas, we are giving away a tiny Vera Bradley - a good thing in a small package. This little thing is about a 6"x5", perfect for carrying small things, even small devices.

To be eligible for the drawing: 1. Go to the 6th day of Christmas post on our Facebook business page, Curvy Market Resale.

2. You MUST Like/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Comment "Good things come in small packages" so we know you have shared! P.S. Yesterday, you got a bonus entry for commenting on our Instagram post. Today, we are going to honor that again! Get an extra entry if you post on our Instagram the same message!

You have until midnight to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn the following day.

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