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On the 6th day of Christmas...

I am blessed to live in the same state as my family. Same city, in fact, as most of my immediate family. We are a 5th generation of citizens for our county, and my mom/dad, dad/dad's wife, stepmom, sister, aunt, and cousins all live within a 3 mile radius of each other. I was rogue; I live in the city limits, about 10 miles from them. Not everyone has the luxury - or desire - to live that close to family. Jobs, relationships, travels takes us far from each other at times. If you had a loving family, even if not blood, you miss those from which you are separated by distance. Especially at the holidays. The Bible tells us of the birth of Christ, born to a virgin. To my understanding, Mary was fairly young, like 16 years of age. Of course, times are VERY different now than then, but can you imagine your daughter leaving to travel by foot and animal to a land far away to be counted in a census? No facetime, no texting, and with a young man with whom she was engaged to be married? And pregnant with child at that? The Bible leaves out those details - the conversations she had with her family before she left - yet I find my imagination reeling with how that household was buzzing the day they packed up the donkey! My research tells me the 6th day of Christmas in the song symbolizes: The Sixth Day of Christmas

Six Geese A-Laying - In Genesis, the creation story is told in which God takes six days to create the world; this symbol recognizes those words. Six days. It took six days for God to create the world, to make a "home" for His children: us. He had us in mind when He created our "home", so maybe that's why "home", wherever our heart is, feels so welcoming, even if in our dreams. This year, on Curvy Market's 6th day of Christmas, we feel there is no place like home. To play on the fun of the season, however, for us, it is no place like "Gnome." He is about 6" tall and ADORABLE. And we are giving him away!

To be eligible to participate, you must

2. Find the post that is pinned at the top of the page for Day 6.

3. Comment on the post telling us a little about home for you. Share a favorite story with us and tag a family member you shared it with.

4. You must share the post in order to be eligible!

5. To be eligible to win, you must have LIKED our page before being chosen as the winner, and shared our post. We will double check these after your name is drawn and you may become ineligible if the requirements have not been satisfied.

Winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday.

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