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On the 8th day of Christmas...

When it comes to gift buying, as American's, our options are limitless. Our budgets may not be, but our options are. One of my treasured friends is known for her gift-giving abilities. In my opinion, she does an amazing job, because most of her items are all handmade. There is something to be said about quality of a store-bought item. Well, for the most part. However, with a handmade gift, you know someone's heart went into the making of the product. There's quality, and there's love. For the past few years, my friend and her daughter show me their love by making me gifts at Christmas. I have a small tree that is filled with an ornament each year that the daughter crafts. From a child to a pre-teen, she continues to be creative and shares that creativity with me. She is a reflection of her mother, who also honors me by a treat or a drink mix she prepares. My favorite is a Chai Tea, which I often consume quicker than I should. I get excited when she tells me she's coming over with my Christmas present! Curvy Market likes handmade items, as well as being as proactive as we can with our local environment. We use scrap paper for office notes, we try to pack as many items into a package as professionally as possible. We bring refillable cups to the office from which to drink, and we empty our water into our plants. We get creative with our resources. When we were doing the recent remodel to our new Market, we used so many items that were already in the building in other places of the building, and simply took advantage of what was available. We also get creative with our broken clothes, as you may have heard me speak of before. Broken clothes are items that are not sellable or donatable, and we would prefer not to fill our landfills with them. So, we use them. We create crafts like mini-gnomes, we use material as display pieces, and we create jump ropes and dog toys our of t-shirts. We may not can save the world, but we can have a small effect, one shirt at a time.

For the 8th Day of Christmas, we are giving away a family pack of goodness. For the dog - a tug toy. For the children - jump ropes. For mom - a scarf. For dad - a candy bar (Ok, so we are a little sparse on dad items!) and for the tree - a couple of gnomes. Here's how you win: 1. Go to the 8th day of Christmas post on our Facebook business page, Curvy Market Resale.

2. You must LIKE/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Comment "Made with love" so we know you have shared! You have until midnight to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn the following day.

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