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On the 9.33 day of Christmas

On the 9.33 day of Christmas, Curvy Market gave to me... A 9.33 day of Christmas? Yes! Because when you live a curvy life, life is seldom in a straight line. And a day 10 of Christmas would be a straight line, I would say! Truth be told, we want the 10th, 11th, and 12th day of Christmas to be next week, so we improvise and create a 9.33 day. Sunday will be 9.66 day of Christmas!

9.33 is not a whole number, but a percentage of a number. As in, a shared part. And while most people do not like the concept of sharing, sharing can be a lot of fun. A giant dessert is fun to share. An adventure is better with more than one. A laugh is louder when shared, a smile wider, and joy more intense, all when shared. Curvy Market's foundation is about sharing. Sharing and building a community of like-minded people: not a community of plus size people, not full-figured people, not just women, not only middle ages. Like-minded people, in that we all have a firm foundation that everyone is valued and we treat them as such - with words of encouragement, kindness, respect. Sharing is caring, so we constantly are encouraging you to share Curvy Market to your world, so other's too, can be reminded of their value.

Therefore, we are SHARING Day 9.33's gift! Instead of ONE person receiving a gift - we are sharing the items and 5 people will be winning trinket gifts!

Here's how you win: 1. Go to the 9.33 day of Christmas post on our Facebook business page, Curvy Market Resale.

2. You must LIKE/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Comment "sharing is caring" so we know you have shared! You have until midnight to enter. 5 Winners will be randomly drawn the following day.

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