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Selfie 101

Many women of all sizes hate taking their photos. After some inquisition, we discovered why: they simply do not know how to take them. We know some tricks for taking good selfies, especially for women with a full face. (It's all about the chin tilt!) In good girl code, I am going to share these tricks with you so that you feel confident in the photo you capture. In these selfies, I use NO filters, just the angle of the camera and the angle of my face. USING A TIMER

There are a couple of ways to capture photos of yourself. First, there is always the TIMER option on your phone. If you didn't know you had one, you do. It's located on your camera settings and typically gives you a a few options of delay. For these pictures, set the timer, place the camera where you want it, and press the camera button. You have the time duration you chose to get in position and smile. These work well as long as you have the camera on a taller surface. A low surface often catches the lower angles, the angles we sometimes do not want show. SELFIES For selfies, even if there are a couple of people in the photo with you, there is a magical way to take them where your jawline is accented a little and reduces the fullness of the face, without any filters or editing. These are the selfies I am good at! As a single woman, if I feel especially pretty or visit a place of interest, I am the one who takes my photos, as it is often only me. Therefore, I have mastered the skill so that it includes no filters but eliminates a bit of my double (or triple, lol) chin. Many of us have them, but we don't have to have them as center of attention in a photograph! What's the difference in selfies? The proof is in the pudding...or in this case, in the photo. Below are examples of selfies I took. They were the same day, seconds apart. I have chosen three classic positions everyone takes with photos - looking down, looking straight into the camera (eye level), and tilting your chin up ever so slightly and letting your eyes do the rest.

See the difference? It's rather noticeable. Same person, same outfit, but with my chin tilted ever so slightly, I look pounds thinner. And let's be real - we don't always look like we think we do. We *think* we look like a triple chin all the time when in reality, our heads are constantly turning, so we get all the angles, even the chin tilt. So go ahead, tilt away! For ease of explanation on how to take selfie photos, in approximately 4 minutes, I teach you how to take a great selfie. Watch the video and see for yourself how easy it is to be proud of the pictures you take, and soon you will start taking them more frequently! Just keep in mind - "Chin up, Buttercup!"

Using someone else's phrase: Be-You-tiful. You are valued far greater than rubies, and you are beautiful! Xoxo, Chris

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