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The third day of Christmas...

Some of my all-time favorite memories are of holidays with friends. There's something to be said about being around people that choose you, and you choose them. There's that special connection, even if for a season, that is shared alike. Gifts do not have to be exchanged but the present, again, is the presence. I can recall sitting by candlelight in my living room one night, with several friends whom I cherished, all talking of our favorite moments from the holidays. We were surrounded by laughter, by a few tears, by some solemn moments. Each of us was lost in our own embrace of memories. Tonight, I sat around 4.5 amazing females, crafting Christmas ornaments because we could. We had a beautifully displayed array of appetizers, a holiday drink, and plenty of paints and markers. The wood ornaments we used were gorgeous pieces of freshly cut wood, and the results were fantastic. As I sat amongst some of my favorite women, I realized there were more than ornaments in the room; I was surrounded by labors of love. The men had cut the wood for us ladies, in the exact way it was requested, when most men would have tossed the branches into a fire. The host had taken her time to prepare her home and ready most of the food, arranging it in such a way that we felt valued. And the guests had honored each of us with their presence. (And the .5 was still baking in the oven for a few more months, but I loved on her through her mama's belly!) And my favorite party of every year is the Phenomenal Women's Christmas party that Melissa (my jewelry co-host) and I host annually. A party designed for women only, it is filled with pampering women and loving on them for one evening of the holiday season. Did you know the Reason for the Season had a circle of people He trusted and loved too? His hand-chosen twelve. Isn't that amazing that He chose His 12, and you too get to chose who fits best in your life? Better yet, what an amazing honor that you are part of someone else's chosen tribe!

At Curvy Market, we find friendships and relationships just as important as family. So, on this third day of Christmas, we're giving away an I am the F word ORNAMENT, one for you, one for your friend! Here's how you win: 1. Go to the original posting on the Curvy Market FB business page. 2. You must LIKE/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Tag a friend(s) in the post, and choose an F word that describes your friendship. Tell us how she embodies the F Word. If I pull your name, both of you will receive an ornament to remind you how fantastic you really are!

You have until midnight to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn the following day.

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