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11th day of Christmas

There's something to be said of a tribe. If you studied Indian culture, you would find that tribes serve a purpose far beyond being a little village. Tribes work together for the betterment of the whole group. They each have roles and responsibilities that effect everyone in their community. We use that word loosely these days. Tribes. If you think about it though, the word is still very fitting. A tribe is designed to protect, provide, encourage. Jesus had a tribe. He had 12 disciples. And once His ministry was over, He commanded them to go forth and spread the gospel. Boy bands have tribes - it's their multitude of female followers. Friends have tribes - and we lean on those tribes, relationships, when we need them the most. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have each other as a tribe; they fight crime together. Even Santa has a tribe - his 9 reindeer! They help him succeed on Christmas every year for the children. Tribes do not have to be large. They just need to be significant and impactful to our lives. Did you know you are part of a tribe? YOU are part of the Curvy Market tribe. You belong here. We are a safe place, a place where we connect with similarities, where we encourage each other, where you are significant and you impact our life. We connect here. We feel at home here. Here, we encourage one another, and we lift up each other. Here, we support each other and share with others about Curvy Market. If we haven't mentioned lately - we are grateful to have you a part of our tribe! This week, our friends at stopped by and brought us a little treat to share with you. It was unexpected, and generous. That's part of what a tribe does, supports you even when you are least expecting it. Look at these adorable embroidered leather reindeer ornaments! A full set of 9!

Here's how you win: 1. Go to the 11th day of Christmas post on our Facebook business page, Curvy Market Resale.

2. You must LIKE/Follow the page. 3. SHARE the post (we can see who shares!) 4. Comment "You are my tribe" so we know you have shared! Feel free to tag some of your tribe! 5. GET A BONUS ENTRY! Post a screenshot of your shared post into the Fb thread. Every place you share it and show it, you get a bonus entry! You have until midnight to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn the following day.

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