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Day 2 Remodel - The Jesus Room

When I first viewed our new little market space, it was through the front pane of the main door, nose pressed to the glass. I could see the inside rooms only - greyish walls, slat board, hardwood-style linoleum. The setup told me that some sort of retail business had occurred prior to being vacant. It looked so usable, the space having a great setup. The day I toured the place, I saw firsthand what I had seen through the door - the setup of a retail business and additional adjacent rooms that were usable for retail, with the exception of one room. This room was quite profound. The color was, shall we say, unusual. Ceiling to floor purple and gold. And I mean that literally. I was kind of taken aback when I saw it. "What in the world was this room used for?" I asked. The future landlord replied, "No idea." We have all taken our guesses as to the reason behind the room. In all honestly, because it was painted in the royalist of purple, and trimmed in shiny gold, I feel like it was a prayer room myself. It completely reminded me of Jesus and how we honor Him at Easter with the royal purple color. It was there that The Jesus Room was coined.

You guys. I could kick my own tail for not capturing it a little better. The ceilings were the same exact purple as the walls and the floor! AND, it had a gold chandelier hanging. This room was perfection! It was well done and well-executed for whatever it was they needed. They took pride in that room and I believe Jesus sat in there with them! I was told they made choir robes there, so maybe it was a prayer closet of some sort. It is a very peaceful space. Regardless, we have coined that as The Jesus Room, and although we have since painted it, we will probably always call it that. The plans are to make it my office as of now, so Jesus can still sit with me. Oh, and our second guess, but not near as substantiated as our first? Prince. Nothing says Purple Rain like a Prince room. You will probably hear some of his iconic music playing in our little market when you pop by too, in case the room was an homage to him! P.S. My mom has jokes. She saw the room before we did any changes. Yesterday, she tagged me in this photo below. Yep. Basically the same room as at the new market. Stay tuned for the after photos!

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