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Eat the dang cake!

My friend Lisa writes the most beautiful words. I soak in every word she writes, and have even been known to read them multiple times. She has a way with them, a natural flow, and she's rather dang funny most of the time. I am sure the phrase has been coined before, but she has said on several occasions to "Eat the dang cake!" (Well, she uses damn, and it emphasizes the statement so much better, but my mom reads my blog, and alas, I have changed it to dang :-).) Who doesn't love a good cake? The fluffy cake, the sweet frosting. The flavor choices are unlimited, and when you are eating that cake, it is oh, so, yummy.

HOW MANY of us feel guilty after? We carry the weight of our decision, we worry about the after effects. That is, if we even allow ourselves to eat it. What if the decision to enjoy something we love becomes a heavy burden, an anxiety attack before we ever say no? It's simply too much, so we pass on that creamy sweetness for fear of what may or may not become. Eat the dang cake! It's not about cake. It's about living. It's about doing the things you want to do over the fear of the aftermath. Is skydiving on your bucket list? Eat the dang cake! Should looking for a better job instead of one you are "comfortable" but miserable in on the top of your priorities? Eat the dang cake! Is learning a new language, cuddling longer with the kiddos, or wearing shorts something you yearn to do? Eat the dang cake! Do you really want that slice of cake and concerned you may gain a pound? Eat the dang cake! A month ago my friend Mindy asked me to visit her in FL. I wanted to go so badly. However, I had tons of work to do, too much to complete, too many tasks to check off. I had to kindly decline, and I was so disappointed. There was little I could do to change my schedule, but I wanted to see my friend. A month later, she celebrated her 40th birthday, and I invited myself to visit as a surprise (her husband agreed to me coming though). I had tons of work to do, too much to complete, too many tasks to check off. You know what, though? I ate the dang cake. Only ONCE does my sweet friend turn 40. Only once do I get to celebrate her milestone. Only once do I get to surprise visit her new home. And you know what? That work is still on the to-do list. It did not change, and it was patiently waiting for my return. You know what did change? Me. I have memories to cherish, pictures to share, laughs to recollect, hugs to bridge-the-distance gap, and I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BITE of that cake, figuratively speaking. (I also enjoyed a cake her mom had made, and a nutella pizza slice for her birthday, and a piece of oreo covered apple.)

Eat the dang cake. Live life as you need it to be. Go for the walk, get the pet, take the vacation, say hello to that stranger. You may find the cake has never tasted so good. To my friend Lisa who says eat the damn cake - thank you! You have NO IDEA how impactful your words - serious and humorous - have on others. You affected me with them!

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