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Girl curls!

I love the opportunities that are being poured upon Curvy Market lately. Some are small scale but are life-changing, and some are big scale and humbling. Like this one: We are now an approved Amazon affiliate! How stinkin' awesome is that? What that means is simply that Curvy Market can share links with you on our blog, or FB, or website, and if you click that link from our site, we earn a tiny amount of commission on every item you purchase. Being an affiliate of Amazon means I can recommend products to you that I use, adore, or find useful in my home, business, or every day life. Products that you ask me about on a regular basis (like my strapless bra or my makeup/hair products), or products that I cling to when I don't feel 100% like my doTerra Breathe stick (see previous blog posts). Or it can be super cool gifts I find or that you send to me and I think EVERYONE should know about them! It also means that our community of followers is so strong that Amazon knows the power behind a group of F Word women! We are fabulous, fervent, fair, and even funky! Like I said - how stinkin' awesome is that? A few weeks ago I shared about the makeup I wear, in which you gals always say looks so fresh, and when I was sick, I shared what helped keep me breathing for 3 weeks. Today, I want to share with you my secret to my curls, and show you the difference of when I use it!


THE LOOK So many of you love my hair curly. I prefer it straight, but you guys voted and the majority said curly. I could almost you guys in the background chanting "Curly! Curly! Curly!". So...for the most part...curls wins.

My hair is naturally curly, and if you know anything about curly hair, it can be very, very untamed. In fact, this pretty much sums up what it is like to have curly hair that is not under control.

Disclaimer: Curly hair has a mind of its own. We do not control it. It controls us. Weather plays the biggest part, and our choice of hair care. Please note that sometimes, even when I use the best products, I will still look like an untamed lion by the end of the day. Not lioness. Lion. Mufasa! But the curls you guys love the most and rave about, and the ones I love if my hair did not misbehave like an wild child, are THESE curls! (screen shot from a TikTok video we made on

And that's the curls I want to talk about today. This look is achieved by a process and a product.



Without saying, you do have to have some curl to your hair for the curls to become curlier. If your hair is naturally straight, no product of any kind will change that. Chemicals will, but not products. In my case, my hair is naturally curly. The process is simple: Wash hair. Condition, but do not rinse it all out. When shower is over, your hair should still have drips coming from it. Do not towel dry. Instead, comb, apply product, and let dry naturally for a bit, or wrap in a t-shirt on top of your head to dry. Once partially dry, use blow dryer with a diffuser to complete drying process. The product: I have found this product to curl my hair the best so far! I try different ones all the time, and my sister is in the hair industry, so I have professional products too. This product has become my fav go-to in the last 5 years. It's called Recoil, and I love it when I want lots of curls!

There you have my secret weapon to taming my hair for 24 hours - the AG Recoil. On the days my hair has ringlets, I am using this product. On the day my hair is a hot mess, it's probably a sign that it is time to wash my curls! Do you have a favorite product you would like me to see for curly hair? Thank you all for being a part of Curvy Market. Now go get your curls on! xoxo

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