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Letting go of my fav dress

Today, I am letting go of my favorite dress. It has been one of my favorites for a couple of years. It is one of those dresses that fits perfectly in all the right places. Black, sparkly, subtlety sexy. One that you wear only on special occasions, so when you purchase it, you knew you would be loyal to it for a few years. I have great memories associated with this deliciousness of a dress. I had a very handsome business date in this dress, and celebrated a gorgeous wedding in this dress. The dress is stunning, and it makes me feel beautiful.

My handsome business plus-one at a leadership event

Today, I am letting go of my favorite dress. My friend called, seeking the perfect dress for an event she has. She didn't know, but two weeks ago, I had pulled my favorite not-so-basic black dress with intentions of selling it in my resale boutique. I haven't worn it in a year, so I was going to allow someone else to love it. I told her I had the perfect dress and I would bring it for her to purchase today. It's crazy. We think we want to let something go, think we need to let something go, yet the shiny, sparkly fun of what we are accustomed to draws us back in. As I reached for the dress this morning to load in my car, I felt nostalgia arise. I felt pretty holding it. I remembered the cost of the dress, the adventures in the dress, the comfort of the dress. I couldn't let this dress go. Why did I even think I could? I immediately planned a B. Instead of selling her the gorgeous dress, I would loan it to her for her event and just have her return it next week. Perfect solution! She would have her attire for the evening and I would still own the dress. I was happy as I unloaded the dress from my car into my boutique, and felt the dress hug me like it, too was happy. We have mirrors in our store, and when I passed one with the dress draped over my arm, my image whispered, "Put the dress on. Admire what you love. Welcome it back from the closet and assure it that it still has a home." Alone, I removed my shirt and slipped the dress on and stepped to admire my image, with the words "welcome home" formed on my lips.

A sexy, sassy black dress

Everyone lives a curvy life. Seldom is life a straight line. No one planned for 2020 to be the year that we will never forget. What should have been a normal year has transformed everything we knew and as a result, many of our attitudes have become a little sour. As we approach 2021, don't let 2020 dictate your thoughts, words, or attitudes toward the new year. Don't be so comfortable in your "new norm" that you refuse to let it go. Do not let the disappointment and pain of 2020 be so familiar and comfortable to you that you carry it any longer than you have to. The calendar says it is time to let it go. Let it go. Kind of like my stunner of a dress. Because here is the deal: I slipped it on, and excitedly turned to face my reflection. In my excitement to keep my dress, to hold on to what I thought brought me joy, I failed to remember that things are changing for me. My body has reshaped some - due to age, physical movement, weight - and the dress didn't fit me like it use to. It wasn't as flattering anymore, it didn't hug in all the right places. The sexiness of the dress has disappeared and in that instance, it became simply a dress with a lot of memories for me. I realized it was indeed time to let it go.

Letting the dress go

As I parted ways with my favorite dress today, I knew it belonged to the next person. I knew it had a new home, and it brought me joy to see it be well-received. Like 2020, if you choose to look beyond the gunk of what did occur, you can also see the beauty in the year. Every one's beauty is different. For me, I had the honor of teaching my nephew this year for spring, from my home. I started a business and have grown it to include other countries AND a storefront. I have met new friends who have became like family. Have my financials been impacted this year? Absolutely. Has it been a humbling year? To say the least. Did I feel the impact of social distancing and not listening to live music or gathering at events with friends? Without a doubt. Examine your year in the quiet of your space today, and sort through the goodness that was entwined. Embrace that goodness, hold on to the beauty you had in your year and let it pave the foundation of 2021. Happy New Year to you all! xoxo, Chris

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1 Comment

Sherry Cartledge
Sherry Cartledge
Dec 31, 2020

Aww love this glad to move in to better things this coming New Year ! Have a Happy New Year!!!!

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