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Typically, I have a LOT to say. I am blessed, shall we say, in the communication department. Today is a little different. Last week, if you were on my live, you saw a friend of mine pop in and asked me to call in to his morning radio show he has. It was so spontaneous that I never have shared with you the results of that invite.

DJ Scottie Spence with Just4Fun Radio

Meet DJ Scottie Spence with Just4Fun Radio. I woke the next morning and called in. We chatted about the store, about the vision of Curvy Market, about the background. It was a very fun event to participate in. On a normal basis, I can chat with you to the fullest about my experience. I can share with you how fabulous it was, how interesting, and exciting. Ironically, I have little words to express how it really went. The two that come to mind is powerful and profound. (I know, those are not F words!) This call is about 45 mins long, give or take. To skip his intro and begin listening at my call-in, fast forward to the 33:00 mark and start there. I want you to take time to listen. You will hear what exactly you are a part of, and feel what Holly, his coworker felt, when she was talking. Tears were shed, even my own, and the impact it made is unexplainable. If you are a part of Curvy Market, you will understand how I say you are part of my tribe, and without you, we would not have a CM. You change lives too, even if unintentional. I am at a loss of words on what to say. Listen. It's incredible. xoxo, Chris

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