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Living the Curvy Life

For everything that it is worth, we ALL live the curvy life.

I didn't sign up for this. I never had a check block on my To-Do list, never accepted a challenge nor set a goal. Yet here I am, Living the Curvy Life.

Many of us have been on this very same curvy journey. Regarding pounds, some of us gained weight after college, marriage, children, menopause. Many slowly gained weight and before their brains caught up to their stomachs, excessive pounds had been added. And several of us have always been "chunky", pre-destined by our genes to be fluffy our entire lives. But do you have to be "curvy" to live a curvy life? Heck, no you don't! Living a curvy life is synonymous with life throwing curve balls, with taking the road less traveled, with daring to be different. Because life seldom takes a straight path, we all live the curvy life.

So what EXACTLY does it mean to be living the Curvy Life? It means experiencing promotions and unexpected job loss, witnessing births and holding someone's hand as they took their last breath. It means working hard to barely make ends meet, and having more than one needs. It means wanting to be married by age 22, yet not meeting the man of your dreams until age 29. It means having plans changed and changing plans. It means carrying extra pounds while walking trails with your thin friend. It means living, with all the plans and unexpected curves, in the manner in which you choose. We are in this together...because we are Living the Curvy Life. Xoxo, Chris

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