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On the 2nd day of Christmas...

My life changed this summer when my SC BFF and her husband went to heaven weeks apart from each other. As a result, I received the greatest inheritance of all from them - her daughter Katelin and grandpup Paisley June coming to live with me. Since then, I have learned the value more than ever of someone's presence. Knowing someone is there. Knowing you love that someone and they love you. We do not have to speak a single word. We can be in our own spaces, but knowing the presence is there is comforting, like being wrapped in a warm hug. Maybe it's my "growing older and wiser" years. I have learned there is a difference in enjoying someone's company and enjoying their presence. Have you ever considered the difference?

What I remember most about my Christmases as a child is not the presents. I remember the presence. The presence of family in the kitchen making candy. The presence of every one of the family inside homes that now seem tiny. The presence of cousins playing together, of my siblings and I laughing over silly things. The presence of the real Reason for the Season. That's the presence I most adore. That's the presence I am speaking of. This holiday season isn't about the presents but the presence. Your presence in Curvy Market is what makes us a success. Your comments, your emojis, the likes, hearts, stars and shares; you visiting the store and telling other friends about us locally - this makes us a success. Your presence allows us to continue reminding people they hold a value greater than rubies or pearls. We reach thousands of viewers because of your presence in our world. My research of the 12 days of Christmas meaning says: The Second Day of Christmas

Two Turtle Doves - The doves represent the Old and New Testaments, the two books that comprise the Holy Bible. Prior to my research, I expected two turtle doves to be about undying love. After my research, I realize it IS about undying love. There's no better example of love than God's words, the Holy Bible.

On this second day of Christmas, we want to remind everyone to enjoy the presence of your people. To encourage this, we are gifting a stocking filled with items that will allow you to do just that!

To be eligible to randomly win:

1. Return to our Fb page 2. Find the post that is pinned at the top of the page for Day 2.

3. Tag people that you enjoy their presence with a comment that says, "(their tagged name), I enjoy your presence!" 4. Each tag counts as an entry! You can tag multiple people!

Winner will be randomly drawn tomorrow. Every day the gift changes!

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