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On the 5th day of Christmas

Jesus spoke about it: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”. – Matthew 18:20. Garth Brooks sings about it: "I've got friends in low places". Rhianna mentions it in her song: "You can stand under my umbrella. Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Under my umbrella." Even movies are made about it: Stand By Me. Beaches. I am talking about friends and family! There's nothing like having a friend that is closer than a sister, or having a brother or sister that is a daily part of your life. Some of us see/talk to our parents every single day, and some of us long to hear their voices again. For me, one of my love languages is quality time. That's how I feel loved, is someone desiring to spend time with me, setting aside time specifically for me, whether it be dinner, a fun night out, a cup of coffee, or even a visit to catch up. That's how I feel valued, loved, and warm. Current times allow us to live in different cities - states even- heck, countries! - and feel that closeness with the use of social media, FaceTime calls, texts, messaging and electronic technology. It's how we stay connected. But...there is still something to be said about the warmth of a hug from a friend or family. My friend has said several times to me: "Never underestimate the power of a good hug." What if your person doesn't live close enough to give you that warm hug? What if they live away and you can't feel the warmth of their sweet embrace? On the 5th day of Christmas, we are giving away a blanket scarf for both you and ONE friend! We know that a blanket scarf is NOT the same as a warm embrace, but it will keep you warm in the winter months, and when you wear it, you will think of her. I know, because me and my SC BFF had matching cups that said SC BFF and GA BFF and anytime I used that cup, I thought of her! I still do.

To be eligible to participate, you must

2. Find the post that is pinned at the top of the page for Day 5.

3. Comment on the post telling us a little about a friend/family that love. Tag her in the comment! You can tag (and share with us) a little about multiple friends if you like, each in a different comment.

4. Share the post

5. To be eligible to win, you must have LIKED our page before being chosen as the winner, and shared our post. We will double check these after your name is drawn and you may become ineligible if the requirements have not been satisfied.

Winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday.

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