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On the first day of this glorious season!

Squee! It's December! I love the holidays. The music. The lights. The humanity that arises. I love to see families come together and hear the laughter of children playing. I love to read the stories of people being cared for unexpectedly, of needs being met, of gifts being given. The 12 Days of Christmas is one of my favorite events I do. I have completed it with several companies I have worked for, and it is always one of my favorites. If I could give a gift every day, I would! Does it make you sing the song in your head when you read the words, "On the first day of Christmas...."? It does me! Not only do I sing the song, though, today I began reflecting on what the lyrics of the songs. What does the Partridge in a Pear Tree really stand for? A Partridge in a Pear Tree - This represents Jesus Christ, the son of God and savior to the Christian world. Yes, Christmas is about the music, lights, gift giving. Yet it is oh, so much more! It's about the gift of a Savior, the birth of a child, born to a virgin, in a manger. How much more humbling can the birth of a King be, surrounded by animals in a barn? Stinky, smelly, dirty animals. Yet, even they bowed before Him. How amazing! Was it really on Dec 25th? I do not know. It's a day chosen to represent that day, and that is good enough for me! I am excited to kick off this year's 12 days of Christmas with an easy, peasy way of winning a prize! So, on this first day of Christmas, every person who likes and shares our 12 days of Christmas post on YOUR Facebook page will be entered to win a $15 gift card. To do so, you must

1. return to our Fb business page, Curvy Market Resale,

2. Find the 12 days of Christmas post pinned at top of page (see pic below for what you are looking for) and share it!

3. Comment on THAT post that you sprinkled the Curvy Market Christmas spirit!

4. You MUST LIKE our page to be eligible to win our prizes! (Not just follow but like as well!)

Winner will be randomly drawn tomorrow. Every day the gift changes!

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