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The first day of Christmas...

Christmas is a time to be jolly. It's a time to hear laughter in your home, a time to bid merry greetings to others, a time to gather with those important to you.

What I remember most about my Christmases as a child is not the presents. I remember the presence. The presence of family in the kitchen making candy. The presence of every one of the family inside homes that now seem tiny. The presence of cousins playing together, of my siblings and I laughing over silly things. The presence of the real Reason for the Season. That's the presence I most adore. As an adult, I still love those family gatherings. I love the presence of friends being together, of putting down the phones and being present. The presence is the present.

Your presence in Curvy Market is what makes us a success. Your comments, your emojis, the likes, hearts, and's what allows us to continue reminding people they hold a value greater than rubies or pearls. We reach thousands of viewers because of your presence in our world.

So, on this first day of Christmas, every person who likes and shares the original Facebook post on our business page, Curvy Market Resale, and comments like below will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 gift card to Curvy Market! So make your presence known by

1. returning to our Fb page

2. sharing it on your page

3. comment that you sprinkled the Curvy Market Christmas spirit!

Winner will be randomly drawn tomorrow. Every day the gift changes!

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