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Walking Proverb

I wish I had abundant wisdom. You know the people I am speaking of - the ones who listen to you, relate, offer profound wisdom, but never tell you what you should do? I would love to be like them. I could be like a walking Proverb. Alas, I am not one of those. Although, if I were to read Proverbs more often, perhaps I would have a little more wisdom. I speak of living the curvy life -because life seldom happens in a straight line. A treasured friend lost her husband suddenly last week. A follower's house burned to the ground. A friend was diagnosed with cancer. These are all the "curvy" parts of life, the places where we do not receive a "Warning, Sharp Curve Ahead" sign, and all of a sudden we are breaking, slowing down, perhaps skidding a little sideways, throwing our arm across our passenger's seat (every mama knows what I am talking about), breathing a little more rapidly.

These are also the parts of life I wish I knew what to say, how to respond, what to do. The part where wisdom could intervene and I could somehow, someway, offer an insight that would matter...that would make a difference. Some of us may not have the proverbial wisdom, but we can each still be used in a very important way, unbeknownst to us. A few weeks ago, my housemate made dinner. When he told me he was cooking, I assumed that meant I was invited. Come dinner, his girlfriend arrived, as did her parents. Shortly thereafter, his parents arrived. When I realized it was more of an intimate dinner than the food being served, I quickly offered to bow out. After all, I had ASSUMED I was invited, which was on overstep on my part. He refused to let me bow out, insisting I was welcome. Seconds before we said grace, I learned both set of parents had never met before, and it was a first-time connection. More fervently than ever, I privately tried to bow out again. Again, I was invited to stay. It's funny how life works. Our dining room was filled with laughter, stories, amazing dinner, and chatter. All of these positive actions navigated naturally, and I feel I played a small part in that for my never-ending-always-bubbly banter I bring to most situations. There were no awkward silences, no gaps in stories. And exactly at the perfect time, I received a phone call that allowed me to step out of the room and the intimate conversation could be had. Was that profound wisdom? Absolutely not. Was I used during a part of life that was impactful for others? Without a doubt. I resale clothes. I show off items on live video, help women get good deals on great clothes, and make connections through a stream of comments. Some connections are local, where I actually get to meet these glorious women, and they shop inside our small warehouse. Last week, two sister-in-laws came shopping. I tell you, we had some of the best laughs! We had great conversations, told some funny stories, showed off some clothes, and I even showed them the bra I was wearing (hows that for a first time impression? :-)) It was such a fun time! Little did I know, it was the first time these women had been together in months, and were reconnecting. While it is not my story to tell, it's certainly part of my story in how we are used to be the hands and feet of a powerful God. Every day we are impacting a person and being used for special purposes. Are we always aware? Hardly. Are we often unaware? Mostly. So then how do we impact? By being kind to the grumpy person who is offering poor customer service. By saying hello and looking into a person's eyes when saying it. By leaving the wait staff an extra tip when he/she deserves it. By engaging in someone's life, by genuinely complimenting a stranger, by giving an extra long hello or goodbye hug. By simply being willing to be used for special purposes. Living the curvy life, because life is seldom in a straight line, --Chris

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24 Αυγ 2020

I love this. Thank you for sharing! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!

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